Command + R

Overheard quote + Image from the same day. (Vintage first aid poster.)

Sometimes, we do cleanses. Like, the lemon + cayenne pepper kind for a week, or green/gray juices that you just chug. Because after awhile you lose focus on what you should be consuming. (Internally, and externally.)

We're thinking of this new site as a photographical refresh for us. Curating your own work is like grading your own paper, but we've spent a lot of time selecting what represents authenticity and found snippets of delight. We've been doing this for 10+ years, gone from deserts to tundras, and doubt ourselves daily. But on the really hard days, it seems that someone will reach out and say "keep going."

The days you can't remember the last time you went out together and didn't talk business. The days you delete the Facebook noise from your phone (again) because you just use it an excuse to be somewhere else. The days when you have to wear the fancy underwear because you are out of quarters to do laundry. We haven't been good at balancing, but when we look up from our screens, we see that we aren't alone. (Well, sometimes we are alone; depends on if you count eye contact.)

We might fall into the overwork, under thrive trap again. It seems cyclical that you vow to live fully, and then slip back into putting the blinders on and head down. You do it for the freedom, and then wind up being your own worse boss. This is a simple effort towards a change in trajectory; knowing that the bad days won't stop existing. But that they help us recognize the good ones. A long-winded journalesk note of accountability. That we are here, and trying, imperfectly. Every day. We hope you enjoy the stories we share, and promise to continue making and sharing with you. 

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