Pre-Wedding Rodeo in Montana

Sometimes there's a rodeo the night before the wedding, and it's accidentally "everyone wear pink" night. Little did hundreds of strangers know they were there part of a celebration. Grateful for Juliett, Noel, and their entourage, for letting us tag-along and snag a few frames of their story.

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iPhone Images & A Pirate Flag

We stopped off in Seaside, OR at the coast for a PB&J snack last week, and saw some folks put up a pirate flag, then intimately gather in a circle. We weren't sure what it was, but it looked important and afterward, we approached them to email some photos we took on our phone. We'd been visually eavesdropping, and with 3% battery left, sent them images without exchanging names; just telling them we thought they should have them, and congrats.

They later told us these were the only photos of their wedding ceremony, as their photographer friend got caught up in the moment and didn't take any until afterward.

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Married on a Mountain

Some of the places that people make are so sacred, we feel like we're reading a diary out loud by sharing them. This is one of them.

45 minutes up a mountain he camped on when he was younger, the mountains she drove by in awe on her motorcycle before they met. Six people, two were married, and there were no dry eyes. Sometimes the marriage happens just after dawn, on the day of the wedding when everyone else is sleeping. Bacon, eggs, and french press from the back of the van they'd fixed up, were served afterward. A tomato sticker was found in the bride's eggs. (Can't get it all right.)

Be true to what feels organic and true to the selves you know. You may only get to do this once. (Sometimes twice, on the same day.)

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Command + R

Overheard quote + Image from the same day. (Vintage first aid poster.)

Sometimes, we do cleanses. Like, the lemon + cayenne pepper kind for a week, or green/gray juices that you just chug. Because after awhile you lose focus on what you should be consuming. (Internally, and externally.)

We're thinking of this new site as a photographical refresh for us. Curating your own work is like grading your own paper, but we've spent a lot of time selecting what represents authenticity and found snippets of delight. We've been doing this for 10+ years, gone from deserts to tundras, and doubt ourselves daily. But on the really hard days, it seems that someone will reach out and say "keep going."

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