Travel & Rates

We’ll take the couple to the dive bar after party in our teeny rental car, deliver the left-over flower buckets to their home at 1 am, tell guests that we have to photographer you – and then leave you to yourselves just to have some space to be. We may even watch your cats when you’re out for the weekend. These things aren’t listed in our pricing, but were included for our couples.

We accept the day of celebration as an incredible, temporary world. Leaving room in the schedule for it to take on a life of its own is definitely encouraged. We experiment, push, sweat, hustle, and cry to give others something genuine. It won’t be about us. It won’t be anything pre-conceived. We come with no expectations to allow things to evolve organically. We respect individuals, imperfections, and fight any urges to fabricate or manufacture. (Unless someone needs help assembling something; we’re quite handy with knots and jerry-rigging.)

The people we work with are important to us. The people we don’t work with are also important, as they allow us to spend our efforts on the right stories. We hope to share in unrepeatable, unexpected experiences, and create illustrations that reflect what it was like to be present. If you feel we could be a good fit, we thank you for considering to trust and support us so we can continue to make beautiful gifts for good people.

If you’d like to get more info, or ask any questions, please email us with details about your life together. Anything that would give us goosebumps, make us tear up, laugh outloud, prove you’re not a robot, or maybe something that stood out about your day to get the password to our full pricing info. All our quotes and agreements are done on-line with e-signatures to make the “paper” shuffling as simple as possible. All packages require a $1,500 retainer to hold the date, entire balance due 30 days prior to the celebration.