Megan + Ryan . Palm Springs

“Ryan is hopeless when it comes to ordering dinner at a restaurant, and is terrible at karaoke. He loves to eat cookie dough, and is our household’s reigning Connect Four champion. When I’m with Ryan the sun shines brighter, and life is that much more sweet. Megan prides herself on never being able to be fooled/surprised. She loves dachshunds and Prince, sings along to the radio when she’s happy, curses like a sailor, is always up for a new adventure and can bring a smile to my face in any circumstance.” (Their first words to us when they wrote.) Eloped in Palm Springs, CA in an abandoned lot they scouted out that morning. Ryan wanted something, “Small and loud,” from the swimsuit shop. During the entire ceremony, Ryan didn’t know what to do with his hands. Mary signed the marriage certificate as there were that many guests in attendance; all three guys were in towels. At the end of the night, Megan said,”Finding the words to describe your love is hard,” in regards to the vows they wrote earlier that day.